Measures taken for your safety

Our priority: to protect the safety of our guests!

Daily disinfection (certified virucidal) of frequently touched surfaces in common rooms and bathrooms (switches, door handles, furniture handles, remote controls, etc.).

Provision of liquid soap, hydroalcoholic gel and masks at strategic places in the house.

Respect of safety distances in all common areas is compulsory.

Barrier gestures will never make us forget conviviality, but these measures are imperative and cannot be effective without your contribution: we will also ask you to be benevolent actors..

  • As soon as you arrive, I will wear a mask, I could take it off while keeping the necessary sanitary distance to welcome you. You can choose to wear your own or not.
  • I will indicate your room and the places at your disposal, always respecting the barrier gestures. The keys to your room and the front door, disinfected beforehand, will be on your room door.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel, tissues and masks will always be available in the lobby.
  • Magazines and various tourist guides and flyers can no longer be self-service, but I will be there to provide you with information by indicating the best addresses to discover and the useful internet links that you will also find on our site. 
House, living spaces, garden and terrace
  • Au-delà du nettoyage quotidien, nous procédons à un ménage renforcé (nettoyage habituel complété par une désinfection systématique des surfaces et accessoires manipulables, dans l’ensemble des lieux à votre disposition.
  • This disinfection, using certified Wyritol and Phagospray products, will be applied to surfaces of furniture, floors, door and window handles, chairs, armchairs, keys, wall switches, lamps, etc. located in the rooms and common areas.
  • A 24-hour vacancy period between two reservations for the same room will be respected. Household linen (sheets, towels) is systematically washed at 60 ° C minimum, with the addition of a disinfectant.
  • We also provide you with disinfection equipment (soap, gel, wipes, tissues, etc.).
Because no measure will be fully effective without the cooperation of all:
  • we demand from all scrupulous respect for barrier gestures and, in particular, distancing measures as well as health regulations for the use of common areas and the equipment made available to you.
  • For the protection of the people who welcome you and maintain the house, we will ask you to contribute to the disinfection of the equipment you will use (for example: by passing a wipe over the button of the machine after having made yourself a coffee or by airing your room, bringing your pool towels up to your room, etc.).
  • Le salon et la salle à manger, la terrasse et le parc sont suffisamment grands pour vous permettre de respecter la distanciation sociale en présence d’autres hôtes.
  • Its usual decoration will be slightly watered down (fewer cushions and decorative items), but it will still be just as charming and comfortable!
    The same sanitary protocol will be applied to floors, surfaces of furniture, chairs and armchairs, door and window handles, wall switches and lamps.
  • Bed, bathroom and household linen will be systematically disinfected and washed at 60 ° C minimum, with the addition of a disinfectant.
  • The surfaces of the toilets, the taps, not to mention the toilet brush, will be rigorously disinfected as well as the cabinet knobs, hangers, the TV remote control…
  • A hydroalcoholic gel dispenser and paper tissues will be at your disposal.
  • We do not enter your room to respect barrier gestures, but if you need us, we arrive masked, to the rescue! The countryside can bring a few visitors without danger (spiders, lizards…) with whom you may not want to communicate!
  • be well away from other guests who might be there. Separate hours for each of the occupants can however be set up. In the summer season, several individual tables can be found on the huge terrace. In any case, your breakfasts will remain delicious and generous!
  • They will be prepared in the kitchen, which will be disinfected according to the protocol applied to other living areas. I will wear a mask for preparation.
  • La composition des plats sera à votre usage unique, avec un service sur plateau individuel. Tout produit non consommé (pain, viennoiseries, confiture, beurre, sucre…) sera jeté.
  • The dishes will be put in the dishwasher at high temperature (60 ° C).
Facture et paiement
  • The dematerialization of invoices and payments will be encouraged, as far as possible.
  • Payments by credit card will be made with a disinfected device after each use.
  • We will ask you to open the windows of your room before you leave it and leave the keys there.
  • It will then be ventilated for a minimum of 3 hours, in order to allow me to proceed again, and in complete safety, to its cleaning and disinfection.
  • The room will remain free for 24 hours before receiving future guests.

We thank you in advance for your kindness and understanding.

Let's protect each other.

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